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About Education & Business Consultants

Making the decision to study abroad was not easy. Education & Business Consultants are a great resource to use if you are thinking about studying in China. Not only will WSA give you the information you need to make an informed decision but will continue to help you make the transition overseas." Since the conception of WSA in 2008, our company has grown to an office full of staff which prides itself on the level service that Oversea's have come to expect. WSA has created this comforting service to ease the application process for students. We will guide the student throughout the entire process, until the student's feet actually land on the warm ground of overseas and sometimes even after that. We understand the financial, educational and social commitments.

We provide services in the following countries:






-(and other countries as well)

Western Countries

-Other countries on inquiry...

PCSC has a wide range of knowledge and experience in many areas. Services include:

When you apply for your STUDY visa, OUR team will guide you at any embassy. You should not take any final steps, such as purchasing plane tickets, until your STUDY visa is approved. After you get your visa and tickets ,the next step is an international airport at the country where you wish to go .Our team will revieve you from the airport and will arrange transportation.

To minimize culture shock, having some items from home can help. Posters, flags, colorful calendars, books, slides, videos, music, clothes, pictures and maps are all items to think about bringing.

Never take more than you can carry, all by yourself, at one time. Take essentials only

At Study Overseas(CHINA) we believe in providing the best possible service. Our years of experience in sending students to CHINA has told us that it is not always easy to make the leap from one country to another. That is why ,even after you have arrived in CHINA, we will continue to look after you as best we can, through our CHINA office, based in Xian. Our experienced counselling staff will assist the students as best they can, helping to ensure a smooth transition into student life after arrival in CHINA. Our china staff provides a welcoming and supportive environment for receiving students and potential students, paying attention to their individual needs and circumstances, and giving the best and most reliable information available to the best of the staff's ability, supported by leaflets and reference material wherever appropriate. Our team will pick you from international air port and make sure of your safe arrival in the university.We also offer first day welcome meal ,help to open a bank account ,registration at university and in visa extension procedure .

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Admissions are open in :

✔ M.B.B.S
✔ M.D.S
✔ M.S
✔ Nursing
✔ Hydraulic Engineering
✔ Pharmacy
✔ B.E in Petroleum Eng.
✔ Civil Engineering
✔ Electrical Engineering
✔ Aeronautical Engineering
✔ Telecommunication Engineering
✔ Computer Science ( IT )
✔ Software Engineering
✔ International Trade And Economics
✔ Highway Engineering
✔ Bachelors In Mechanical Engineering
✔ Bachelors in Industrial Engineering
✔ Bachelor in Environmental Engineering

We provide assistance with :

✔ Information about China
✔ Counseling the students
✔ Discounted Air ticket from Major airlines
✔ To provide authentic information to students
✔ Assistance for Foreign Exchange and Insurance
✔ Updated information on courses and Universities
✔ On arrival services in China
✔ Assistance in application procedures
✔ Temporary accommodation arrangement in China
✔ Guidance about VISA processing
✔ Regular follow-up with High Commission
✔ The total solution provider for International students and their families after their departure

Pre-Departure Services :

WSA offers a full range of services for students who wish to enrich their STUDY experience or require assistance in a variety of areas related to their educational and personal pursuits.
The focus of the Service is to assist students in dealing with personal, academic, and daily life concerns.
The varied challenges of university life and its demands may serve to create or elevate levels of personal distress, and this distress, in turn, may contribute to various degrees of personal, social and/or academic dysfunction. Our goal is to facilitate and develop personal effectiveness, self-understanding and problem-solving abilities, which will work to alleviate distress and enhance the achievement of students' individual, relational and academic goals.In all cases, we will do our best to help, or to assist you in finding help.
We WSA hope to ease your transition to a new school and a new home in a new country. WSA is a home away from home. When in difficulty, home is the first place you turn to; and so should WSA be the first place to turn to, when running into unexpected situations. We have a wealth of information on diverse issues. If we can't respond to an inquiry, we have all the key contacts to direct you to someone who can.

We care for your

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